Without warning, something may happen to your vehicle while you are driving. A flat tire can occur, especially if you drive on the highway as there can be sharp objects like nails or glass that can cause deep punctures. At our Alfa Romeo dealership, we want to know how to change a tire.

  1. You may feel dread when that thumping sound first appears. The first thing you need to do is move your car to the shoulder as soon as possible. When it is safe to exit your vehicle, begin inspecting it.
  2. After looking the flat over, find the spare. Depending on which Alfa Romeo you own, it may be underneath the floor mat in the trunk or underneath your car.
  3. Get the tire iron and loosen, but not remove, the wheel lugs. Place the jack underneath your vehicle once the lugs are loose enough.
  4. Look up the correct jacking points in your Alfa Romeo owner’s manual. When those are found those, place the jack below the jack point and raise it until it contacts the frame of your car with the flat tire completely off the ground.
  5. Time to completely take the wheel lugs off and remove the flat. Set the flat tire aside in a secure location.
  6. Installing the spare is the most difficult part. It needs to be held over the wheel studs and lined up to the holes in the wheel with the wheel studs on the brake hub. Snugly screw the lugs back on when that is complete.
  7. Lower the jack and tighten the wheel lugs as much as you can. The flat tire goes in the initial location of the spare.
  8. As a spare can only be driven on for a limited time, you need to visit our service center quickly to get the tire replaced with authentic Alfa Romeo parts.